Happy National Day of Forgiveness! I swear there is a day for everything, but I like days like this. Today reminds me personally and professionally of the benefits of forgiveness. Years ago while working a DivorceCare group, the concept of forgiveness became a theme to multiple sessions. Many of us get cheated on by lovers, […]

Loving Day

June 12, 1967 That date is a tremendous date, resonating with many interracial couples and mixed race individuals in America changing the landscape of marriage equality and race relations. Mildred and Richard Loving, a mixed race black/Native American female and white male, were a married couple in Virginia, a state in which it was illegal […]

What is Being Mixed Race?

What is the mixed race identity? I recently heard from a biracial friend, “others don’t know what being mixed is, therefore they don’t understand who I am.” Part of the human condition is to feel apart of something and to think we are understood. Many mixed race individuals I encounter may find a group to be […]

The Exotic Minority

Exotic. What a likable word. We place exotic on things that are intriguing. We describe birds or flowers from the tropics as exotic. Exotic denotes something being foreign or from far away, yet mostly exotic means that something is different. Exotic, despite being a likable word, is becoming more and more of a negative adjective […]